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Juuri new make by Kyrö Distillery

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Juuri (root in English) is a rye distillate coming from Kyrö Distillery Company (KDC). Determined to make rye whisky from 100% malted rye, KDC surely is an interesting new comer in the world of whisky.
Juuri new make by Kyrö Distillery review from WhiskyRant!

Juuri was my first encounter with KDC, so I was excited to taste it. Even though I realized, that this is only the beginning. Juuri isn’t whisky yet, it hasn’t even touched the oak barrels. KDC also has Verso, which has had a little bit of maturation in American white oak barrels.

Good malted rye whisky in the making

Juuri new make is a promising start from the boys up north. I really am waiting for their first whisky to arrive in 2017.

Nose: Apple dominates with paint chips mildly fading away in the back. Grappa kind of nose, fresh and vibrant.

Taste: Stingy and fresh rye. Spicy, I think their final product (the actual malted rye whisky) will have character!

Distillery: Kyrö distillery
Region: Isokyrö, Finland
ABV: 46,3%

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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