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Kalevala Small Batch Distilled Gin

Kalevala Small Batch Distilled Gin

Kalevala organic gin comes from Finland. It’s a small batch release from 2017 in honor of 100 years of Finnish independence.

“To celebrate 100 years finnish independence we created a Dry Distilled Gin, the “gindependence” edition. the recipe is based on our original gin, supplemented by blackcurrant leaf and Jerusalem artichoke. At 49,9% ABV (99,8 Proof) we are, like Finland, almost at 100…”


The original version had a bigger alcohol by volume level but this expression I got, has an ABV of 46,3%. I have the batch number L0077, bottle number 317.

Kalevala Dry Gin Review - Small Batch Distilled Gin from Finland

Very small batch gin from Kitee

Kalevala gin is made by Moritz Wüstenberg at his garage in the town of Kitee, located at North-Karelia, Finland. So we are really talking about micro-gin. The gin is organic, according to the EU agriculture scheme, certification number FI-EKO-301.

Ingredients include organic raspberry leaf, cardamom, mint, rosemary and juniper.

ABV: 46.3%
Nose: Clean and fresh with juniper dominating. Hints of berries and minty notes.
Taste: Ginger and juniper notes dominate. Very pure and fresh, easy to drink.
Finish: Bit spicy with notes of ginger rising from the back.


9 Quality Gin

Served best with lingonberries

Kalevala & Lingonberry GT

  • 4 cl of Kalevala gin
  • 4 cl of tonic water
  • Enough ice
  • Lingonberries

Just simply lingonberries, Kalevala gin and tonic water.

Goes well with cucumbers and botanical tonic water too

Kalevala & Fentimans GT

  • 4 cl of Kalevala gin
  • 4 cl of Fentimans botanically brewed tonic water
  • Enough ice
  • Few slices of cucumber
Botanical Tonic Water by Fentimans Botanically Brewed Drinks

Fentimans Tonic Water goes well with Kalevala Gin

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