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Long Kyrö – Gin Long Drink review

Kyrö Long Drink

This alcoholic drink raised a big question. Is Napue gin by Kyrö distillery the best gin for gin based alcoholic beverage called long drink? Long drink a.k.a “lonkero” is a very popular drink in Finland. The traditional way of making “lonkero” is using gin as the base ingredient.

Kyro Long Drink made using Napue Gin

Nowadays there are lots of other long drinks available, at least in Finland. Jaloviina a.k.a “jallu”, which is Finnish cut brandy, has its own long drink which is made using apple wine and “jallu”. Then there are lots of other long drinks on the market, which are made using some other alcohol than gin. My personal opinion is, that gin is the best base for long drink. And that Hartwall Original Long Drink made for Helsinki Olympics in 1952, is the best way to go. It’s made using grapefruit and gin.

Gin Drink made using award winning Napue

Long Kyrö is made using the award winning Napue rye based gin (Best Gin & Tonic in International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015) and cranberries. So it’s an exotic newcomer in the world of long drinks. I personally fell in love with Napue gin and Napue gin & tonic – Long Kyrö is not as exceptional as those two but it is good. Something different than the traditional long drinks, yet refreshing and good, just like a long drink should be.

Long Kyrö is a good contender for the best gin long drink spot. The original gin “lonkero” by Hartwall is slightly better, in my opinion. But then again, it’s hard to compare these two – they are so different from each other. Long Kyrö might be better for cold winter nights, and the original gin long drink is definitely the best cold drink for warm summer days.

Nose: The feel of Napue is there, with a touch of rosemary and cranberries.
Taste: Exotic taste, sweet and refreshing with cranberries and juniper berries and Napue gin, of course. Little spicy as well, adding some extra layers.
Finish: Sweet with some spicy character. Strong but soothing.


9 Great long drink – truly an adventurous “lonkero” by Kyrö distillery

Long Kyrö Gin Drink made from Napue Gin

Long Kyro Napue Gin Drink review

Long Kyro Long Drink made using Napue Gin

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