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Napue Gin Tonic review – Best gin for Gin and Tonic

Napue Gin by Kyrö Distillery

Napue Gin and Tonic by Kyrö Distillery Company (KDC) was the inaugural winner of the International Wine & Spirits Competition Gin & Tonic Trophy in 2015. So, it’s been awarded the best gin for gin and tonic, which instantly made the adventurous Rye Rye Gentlemen famous in the world of spirits. You can find the award winning gin tonic recipe at the bottom of this article, click the link below to jump to the recipe:
Napue Gin made using rye by Kyrö Distillery

Gin & tonic recipe

Napue Gin started as a side project for making rye whisky. After all, it takes 3 years to make whisky, so you have to get money from other products, if you want instant cash flow for your distillery. KDC’s intention was ambitious right from the start, they wanted to be the best known rye distillery in the world, known for authentic spirit with quality. With the whisky still in the making, who would have guessed that they’d be globally acknowledged because of their gin. Thanks to IWSC recognition.

Napue Gin won world’s best gin for Gin and Tonic

Napue Gin Tonic has been the best of its kind in the world, in 2015. It is no wonder, in my opinion, it is the best gin for gin and tonic. I also love this gin neat, truly amazing spirit by KDC. The feel of cranberry is so strong, along with other tasty components. No wonder that this gin goes well with cocktails, it is so fresh and juicy neat. For example, if you add cranberries to the drink yourself, like the award winning gin and tonic recipe says, it will compliment this gin so much that I myself can’t think of anything better, when talking about cocktails.

After many attempts at creating Napue Gin, Kyrö distillery decided to change their rye based gin recipe. The rye spirit was produced elsewhere, opposed to using their own malty base. Their malted and bready tones in the original base couldn’t deliver the perfect gin, the crisp flavors didn’t come true with malted rye.

Napue Gin is refreshing and very Nordic with these ingredients in the lineup:

  • Meadowsweet
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Cranberries
  • Birch leaves

Napue Gin gets its name from the nearby Finnish village in Ostrobothnia. 300 year anniversary of the 1714 Battle of Napue coincided with the launch date. Meadowsweet used in the gin is also foraged from Napue. GinFoundry made a great big article about Napue Gin, which has some nice insights about their gin making process. You can read it here.

Nose: Very fruity and fresh, as fresh as it can get! Just pure tropical freshness. Amazing citrus and menthol notes. Little bit of juniper. Feel of early morning watery meadow in late spring. Notes of cranberry develops with time.
Taste: Citrus notes are delicious, like chewing juicy oranges. Hints of juniper, lots of cranberry notes. Very sweet, fruity and earthy delicious just like the aromas.
Finish: Peppery kick of rye is delicate in the aftertaste. Berries and citrus notes last long.

I love this gin! The best gin I ever tasted, with or without tonic water…

Napue Gin Scoring

10 Great gin even when tasting neat, great for cocktails

World’s best Gin and Tonic


  • 4 cl of Napue gin
  • 200 ml of Fever Tree tonic
  • Rosemary
  • Cranberries

Preparation method:

  • Fill a tall glass with ice
  • Pour in the Napue gin and top it gently with Fever Tree tonic
  • Garnish the drink with rosemary and cranberries

Best Gin & Tonic Recipe - Napue Gin Tonic

Distillery: Kyrö Distillery Company Region: Isokyrö, Ostrobothnia, Finland ABV: 46%
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