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Mackmyra Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke) review

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Mackmyra Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke in English) is the first peated whisky by the artisans of Sweden. Usually Mackmyra releases cask strength whisky, but this is not.

Mackmyra website states, that this whisky is made completely out of Swedish ingredients only. Matured in a selection of Swedish oak casks. According to Mackmyra Master blender Angela D’Orazio, some new oak and apparently 100 liter first-fill casks as well. When tasting Mackmyra Svensk Rök, it feels like first-fill Ex-Bourbon, but it can’t be if all the ingredients are Swedish, right? So it’s probably a first-fill cask of old Mackmyra whisky. The whisky is matured 50 meters below ground in an old mine.

The bottle I got has batch number 060003 and it also states art number: MR-001.

Mackmyra Svensk Rök aka Swedish Smoke review

This must be FANNY AND ALEXANDER of whisky

I’ve used Ingmar Bergman references with Mackmyra whiskies before so why stop now. Especially when experiencing a whisky this good. This whisky presents flavors and aromas that differ from each other quite a bit, but manage to melt together in a great way, complimenting each other. Like the movie Fanny and Alexander, which melts together comedy and tragedy very well. In a very Swedish way, just like this whisky.

Juniper is an important ingredient for Swedes. I also detected wee notes of lingonberry, which is another typical Swedish ingredient, especially with meatballs in the form of sauce. So this is truly a Swedish experience. I just love the juniper notes in this dram. “And now this classic flavour can be enjoyed in a new golden form”, states Mackmyra. I couldn’t agree more. I was fascinated about the way how juniper is presented in this whisky. How the smoke and juniper compliment each other very well. Another statement by Mackmyra about Svensk Rök:

A smoky well balanced whisky with juniper smoke, smooth vanilla and roasted oak.

That is so true. Finnish whisky author Jarkko Nikkanen states:

Right from the start, in entirety, it feels like this whisky suits well for Nordic tasters.

Matured in:
Swedish Oak casks
Colour: Golden sunlight
Nose: Very nice aromas of smoke combined with sweetness and fresh berry notes. Juniper dominates very much along with the smoke. Strong but smooth smoke dancing hand in hand with powerful juniper notes. Bit earthy. Fresh pine and waxy sweet sap, like being in a forest at spring. Hints of marshmallows. Water brings some phenols first, but turns the aromas into sweet roasted vanilla over time, lovely.
Taste: Juniper and smoke are still strong. Red, mildly sour (lingonberry) but mostly sweet berries and sweet, yet salty and peppery licorice. Amazing taste. Sweet and sour pepper dominates the more you chew it. Wee citrus notes.
Finish: Good length, the smoke stays with you until the very end. The aftertaste is amazing. Salty licorice with some sour notes and hints of tar, nicely exploding at the back of your throat. Yet again, the red berries along with some juniper and oak. Wee smoke is present as well.
Balance: In great balance. Balancing between sour and sweet and salty notes. Sophisticated, yet powerful smoke. Lagavulin 16yo, you’ve met your match in my book! Few drops of aqua makes the aromas good but otherwise I prefer this one without addition of water. I know this sounds weird but this is a versatile whisky, yet not so complex. Pretty straight forward with some surprises, amazing craftsmanship by Mackmyra.


Distillery: Mackmyra Region: Gävle, Sweden ABV: 46.1% Non-chill filtered, no added colour

Did you know?
Mackmyra has two active distilleries: first one started in 2002 and has 600 000 bottle annual capacity, the second one was launched in 2011 and it can produce 1,8 million bottles per year. Mackmyra also has a Whisky Village with a visitor center outside Gävle.

Mackmyra Svensk Rök in sunlight

Mackmyra Svensk Rok

Mackmyra Svensk text in the box

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