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Nagu whisky distillery from Turku archipelago

Nagu Whisky

Nagu or Nauvo (Finnish version) is a group of islands on the coast of southwestern Finland. From there you can find Nagu Distillery Ab, located in an old Flipper boat factory. The company has produced alcohol since 1996 for the Nagu marina restaurant called L’Escale.

But serious alcohol making for retail markets has just begun. Gin production started in 2019 and whisky production in 2020. The company was resurrected by two childhood friends Jonathan Smeds and Anton Lindholm, who wanted to return to the islands they both grew up on. Jonathan’s dad was the former alcohol producer for the marina restaurant.

Founders:Christine and Jonathan Smeds (CEO) and Anton Lindholm
Products:Gin, whisky

At International Wine and Spirit (IWSC) 2019 they received Silver medal at Gin & Double Dutch Tonic category for Nagu Dry Gin.

Nagu distillery at Turku Beer and Whisky Festival 2019

Nagu distillery was first introduced to me at Turku Beer and Whisky Festival, November 2019

Local ingredients in Italian bottle design

Like mentioned, they already have premium small batch gin sold at Finnish retail market. You can get it for 40 euros. Bottled with Italian design since they have a contract with Vetro Elite from Ormelle, approx. 60 miles north from Venice.

Their focus is on whisky as well. They will be releasing single malt whisky in 2023. We are talking about very small batches. Nagu distillery has a goal of 10 000 liter annual production but they are not there yet.

Looking forward to get their whisky. I tried their small batch dry gin at Turku Beer and Whisky Festival and it was very good. Nice to see premium gin and whisky coming from my home region, the Turku archipelago, southwest Finland.

Distillery: Nagu distillery Region: Nauvo, Finland

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