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Nikka Blended Whisky review

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Nikka’s product range can be a bit confusing, because there’s products with similar names. Blended whisky is a good example: Nikka has The Blend and Blended Whisky – 2 different products. I actually didn’t know, which one I was getting, when ordering my dram.

WhiskyRant! review of Nikka Blended Whisky

Well, the one I got and am reviewing here, is Nikka Blended Whisky (as in the picture). Nikka Blended Whisky is an average whisky and worth the cost. Nothing special in this dram but for a blend, it is surprisingly smooth and fruity.

Mr. AVERAGE of fruity blends

In my opinion, much better than Nikka Black Special. In movie talk: it’s easy to name this Nikka as Mr. Average (by the film by Pierre-Paul Renders).

Nose: Fresh with fruits dominating: grape juice and vanilla with coconut.

Taste: Sweet with pears and almonds and hints of citrus. Malted barley comes very nicely in the taste.

Finish: Smooth and quick mix of barley and fruits.

Balance: Nice blend that manages to balance fruits and malted barley together. I’m glad I didn’t find that marzipan, most people reviewing this seem to find (hate it). Very average dram in every step, but a nice average. Japanese surely know how to make a decent blended whisky. Smooth, with a good “unblendy” finish.

Colour: Full gold
Nose: 20  |  Taste: 19  |  Finish: 20  |  Balance: 20
Overall score: 79 points

Distillery: Miyagikyo distillery
Brand: Nikka
ABV: 40%

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.

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