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Old Buck 7 year old single malt whisky review

Old Buck 7YO

Here’s a quick review of Finnish 7 year old single malt called Old Buck, served straight from the restaurant brewery which made the whisky, called Panimoravintola Beer Hunter’s in Pori. Old Buck is officially the first Finnish single malt whisky, coming from a micro distillery as small as it can get.

Old Buck 7 year old single cask Finnish malt whisky

The bartender didn’t know much about this batch, except that it’s 7 years old. I asked more information from a local whisky group. I received information that this batch was made for 23rd of May in 2018. That’s the official Whisky Day of Finland.

Apparently this Old Buck has been matured in Ex-Bourbon cask from Heaven Hill distillery. The cask has also held Plevna Siperia Stout. So maturation is similar to Old Buck VYS Edition.

I have to say, this Old Buck is another great single cask small batch whisky by Mika Heikkinen, a legend in Finnish whisky industry.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon cask which has previously held stout beer
ABV: 48.9%
Colour: Golden amber
Non-chill filtered, no added color
Nose: Caramel and hints of fruits. Strong red licorice notes. Two drops of water set a darker tone. Bringing layers of nutmeg and other warming spices on top of toffee and fruits. Black pepper comes to the mix very late.
Taste: Crispy red licorice and honeyed oak. Bit spicy, but sweet and smooth. Nicely matured. Drops of water bring grassy and bit acid notes. Herbs, juniper and grapefruits.
Finish: Dry sugary and spicy oak. Was expecting a richer finish, but it’s still quite tasty. Juicy fruit bubble gum with some grapefruits. And the juniper notes rise in the aftertaste.
Balance: Powerful balanced dram. Yet again quality bottling by Beerhunter’s. Not the richest single malt but a strong balanced character.

Old Buck 7YO Scoring

Distillery: Panimoravintola Beer Hunter’s Brand: Old Buck Region: Pori, Southwest Finland
Brewery restaurant Beerhunter's Pori

Brewery restaurant Beerhunter’s is the home of Old Buck single malt

Old Buck 7YO Whisky | ABV 48,9%

Old Buck at the counter of Panimoravintola Beerhunter's Pori

At the counter of Panimoravintola Beerhunter’s

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