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Pime Öö Islay Barrel Aged Stout

Põhjala Cellar Series - Pime Öö Islay BA

Pime Öö Islay BA is an Imperial Stout style of beer by Põhjala brevwery. Part of Põhjala Cellar Series. On paper, this beer sounds amazing. Very dark stout with whisky barrel aging in casks which previously held Islay whisky. As a big fan of Islay, I was really looking forward on trying this stuff. I bought quite a few to my storage.

Pitch Black Stout

Pime Öö really shows the whisky influence, but it is overly sweet for my taste. Balancing between roasted notes and over the top (sherried whisky?) sweetness. This stout is literally pitch black but unfortunately it doesn’t show enough in taste. Sad to say, I’m disappointed.

Beer type: Imperial Stout
ABV: 13.6%
Colour: Black
Nose: Oak and porridge with drops of bourbon. The sweetness is very much present in the nose. Even though there are hints of cloying, some brief heads up signs on what’s about to come, the aromas are nowhere near as sweet as the palate. Very subtle nose compared to taste.
Taste: Toasted yet very sweet. Infact it’s über sweet. I would have preferred it to be more like Ola Dubh – dark roasted whisky influenced beer. Instead it is overly sweet, even though the whisky influence shows. Part of me likes this, part of me hates it. Sugary toasted bread with sugar coated cherries and nuts. And lots of sherry! Aromas gave me a bourbony feel but the palate says that this has sherried Islay cask maturing.


Decent stout, couldn’t live up to high expectations I had when I saw the equation of barrel aged Islay and high ABV on the label.

6 Way too sweet for me – needs lots of time to get accustomed to

Brewery: Põhjala Brand: Pime Öö

Pime Öö Islay Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Review

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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