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October 23, 2014
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Pyynikin KDC Viskigate Stout

Pyynikin KDC Viskigate Stout

Pyynikki Craft Brewery and Kyrö Distillery Company are going to make #Viskigate stout

Finnish blogs called JaskanKaljat and mushiMALT gave an idea for Pyynikki Craft Brewery (Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo in Finnish) and Kyrö Distillery to brew a #Viskigate called beer. This weekend at Beer Expo event in Helsinki, Finland, Kyrö Distillery will give two 30 litre barrels for Pyynikki Craft Brewery.

One of those barrels has held KDC’s rye distillate and the other is unused, virgin cask. Pyynikki Craft Brewery is going to mature a very limited batch of beer on these barrels. All the profits will go to charity. Beer manufacturing partners are now looking for a suitable charity in substance abuse work or child protection. The beer will be named Pyynikin KDC #Viskigate Stout. Beer will be finished by the end of December 2014.

Whiskey frenzy

In recent weeks, Twitter (and other social medias) has been filled with #Viski and #Viskigate. Started by JaskanKaljat and mushiMALT – both blogs published Beer Expo’s beverage lists, which didn’t please the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) in Finland. AVI wanted the event organizers to ask the bloggers to remove the word “viski” (whiskey in Finnish) from their Beer Expo articles. Claiming that it violates the new law in Finland about strong alcohol advertising. Even though the bloggers had nothing to do with Beer Expo.

Where did the idea begin?

Last weekend JaskanKaljat blogger Jaakko Matikainen and mushiMALT blogger Nikolas came up with the idea to manufacture beer for a good cause, for the sake of #Viskigate. The idea was presented to Kyrö Distillery, located in Isokyrö, Finland.

Kyro Distillery Company

The distillery started getting interested in the idea, so Jaakko contacted Pyynikki Craft Brewery’s Tuomas Pere in Tampere Finland, to explain the idea. And the rest is soon to be history. The two bloggers gave birth to the idea but won’t be in any other way connected to the brewing or production.

What kind of beer is Pyynikki Craft Brewery Stout?

Beer is a style of stout, with toasted barley, rolled barley, wheat flour and wheat malt added to the basic malts. Hops were chosen as the Challenger and Target. Bitters were left a little lower, around EBU20. They’re going to use British stout yeast and the ABV level will be 7.

What kind of barrels of beer will be put?

The beer is aged in a barrel of a combination of the two:

  • American white oak 30 liter barrel, which has had KDC’s rye distillate in it
  • Toasted virgin oak cask from Spain

Beer will be available online at Papabeers webshop and on tastings (informed later).

Papabeers logo

For more information on this topic: 

JaskanKaljat: blogger Jaakko Matikainen, jaska (at)
mushiMALT: blogger Nikolas, mushimalt (at)
Pyynikki Craft Brewery: Tuomas Pere, beer maker, info (at)
Kyrö Distillery Company: Mikko Koskinen, brand & gin, mikko (at), tel: +358 50 379 4642

Kyro distillery

Boys of Kyrö Distillery Company. There’s always nudity involved with Finns.

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