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Smokey Joe Islay Malt review

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MEET JOE BLACK by Angus Dundee

Review of Smokey Joe, a blended Islay malt whisky

I have to congratulate Angus Dundee, they’ve managed to make a nice mystery Islay blended malt. Which wasn’t the case with Glen Parker Speyside Single Malt. Smokey Joe could be Meet Joe Black, because it has a dark but also a gentle side. There’s heavy smoke lurking behind sweet fruity notes.

Smokey Joe Islay Malt is surely a “bang for the buck” whisky. This wasn’t a big surprise, ’cause I had seen Ralfy’s review. Otherwise it would have been a huge positive upset. Simply because the money I paid for this dram, would suggest a much worse outcome. I got it for 26 euros.But that’s the beauty about whisky. Don’t let the price or package fool you, it’s the inside that counts. Smokey Joe is good stuff!

Nose: First, smoke and peat hit in a Laphroaig kind of style: seaweed and medicinal notes. When I added water, it became more Ardbegian: sweet fruits with citrus being the main event.

Taste: Very crispy smoke stays very well in the taste. Combined with sweet peat and fruits.

Finish: Shame it’s a quick one. Smoke with dry note, yet hints of sweetness.

Balance: Very simple but good. I have to recommend, especially for the price you’re getting it!

Colour: Gold amber
Nose: 24  |  Taste: 22  |  Finish: 20  |  Balance: 22
Overall score: 88

Bottler: Angus Dundee
Region: Islay
ABV: 46%

Non-chill filtered

I agree with Ralfy about Smokey Joe:

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  1. For your information folks: the price has gone up a bit, won't get it for under 30 euros anymore…

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