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November 20, 2015
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Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA review

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

Yesterday at BrewDog pub in Turku, I bumped into a great Indian Pale Ale by Ballast Point Brewing Company – an American brewery founded in 1996, in San Diego, California by Jack White. This IPA tasted so good, that I had to make a quick review about it. It’s an Indian Pale Ale with a citrus twist. Ballast Point makes a series of Sculpin IPA’s and this one has actual grapefruit added in the mix. The flavors of grapefruit enhance the citrus aromas of the hops. This IPA has sophisticated bitterness, it is light, yet fresh – just the way I like my IPAs.

Award winning IPA from USA

Photo by Ballast Point

Nothing poisonous in this Sculpin

The Sculpin is a poisonous fish, the spikes on its fins have poison and they can give a strong sting. Yet the meat is considered to be very tasty. That’s why Ballast Point names its IPA series as Sculpin.

“Something that has a sting but tastes great”

This Indian Pale Ale has a bitterness of 70 IBUs. I’m not the expert on bitterness ratings but I’d say this is a mildly bitter beer. I could be wrong but that’s how it tasted for me. And I must add, I’m not a fan of very bitter brewskies, so when I like an IPA, it usually is sophisticated, when it comes to being bitter.

The grapefruit really does an amazing job on this IPA, I can’t emphasize it too much. Fresh, fruity and tasty – that’s what this beer is.

Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Fresh and tropical. The feel of grapefruit is evident. Juicy citrus and malty notes
Taste: Malts, hops and fruits in a great package. Grapefruits in a nicely dry and bitter palate. Lots of citrus notes in the taste, not only grapefruits. Very refreshing IPA. Check out for more reviews, this one does great in there too.


Like always, if a beer gets a review by me, it usually is full ten points. No exception here:

10 Fresh in every way.

Brewery: Ballast Point Brewing Company Brand: Ballast Point Sculpin ABV: 7%

This IPA deserves a GIF, that’s how good it is!

Grapefruit Sculpin GIF

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