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Dalmore King Alexander III review

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Dalmore King Alexander III review by WhiskyRant!

Dalmore King Alexander III was crafted in honor of the act of saving Scotland’s King in 1263. It is an expression, where 6 specially selected casks have been united. This Dalmore contains whiskies matured in Kentucky bourbon casks, Matusalem Oloroso Sherry wood, Madeira barrels, Marsala casks, port pipes and Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques.

Promoted as rich and fruity Highland single malt, the setting surely is interesting. But for me, this Dalmore is too delicate. Maybe I’m just inexperienced, but I don’t get much flavor or richness from this dram. It’s almost, like all those casks seem to be canceling each other out?

THE KING’S SPEECH in a restrained note

Dalmores tend to be very nice and smooth, easy to drink. But in my opinion, they lack in character. Master Distiller Richard Paterson has surely made a big task in selecting and uniting the different cask types together. I have to give credit for that – and I’m sure, many people will like these kind of sophisticated whiskies.

I could have titled this Not The Last King of Scotland as well but The King’s Speech fits better with Dalmore King Alexander III. Both are a nice example of something good, yet dull.

Nose: Malt and chocolate with hints of fruity notes.

Taste: Liqueury with spices. Delicate blend of dark chocolate and biscuits. This is very smooth, I mean VERY.

Finish: Oak with peppery notes in a very brief finish.

Balance: Nicely balanced, sophisticated and smooth. Lacks quite a bit character and way, way too quick finish – that’s why so low score.

Colour: Young Sauternes
Nose: 19  |  Taste: 20  |  Finish: 19  |  Balance: 21
Overall score: 79

Distillery: Dalmore
Region: Highland
ABV: 40%

Whisky casks used in Dalmore King Alexander III
Six different barrels used in Dalmore King Alexander III.
Photo from Dalmore.
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