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Glina Rye Whisky Distillery Edition 2019

Glina Rye Whisky Distillery Edition 2019

Glina Rye Whisky comes from Germany. This is their limited Distillery Edition released from 2019. It’s been matured for 5 years in former sherry casks and like all of their whiskies, it comes in natural color without chill filtering.

This 2019 edition is a small batch of only 349 bottles, my bottle number is 298. In this post I added as many pictures I could, because the bottle design is pure greatness. There’s a hand embedded on the glass.

According to their website, Glina distillery has originally made fruity wines and somewhere along the way Master Distiller Michael Schultz added whiskey into their portfolio.

They draw the water from 86 meter deep Elisabeth spring near the distillery. They also use local barrels made from Spessart oak but for this single rye whisky they’ve bought sherry barrels. They like to experiment using Bordeaux and Burgundy wine, port and sherry barrels from selected wineries.

The name “Glina” stands for clay and pays homage to the clayey soil to which we owe the excellent yields for the no less excellent spirits.

Glina Rye Whisky Distillery Edition 2019 Sherry Cask Review

Cool looking whisky bottle design - Glina Rye Whisky

The bottle has very unique design in shape.

Tasting notes

Matured in:
Ex-Sherry casks
Couldn’t find any information
ABV: 46.1%
Non-chill filtered, no added colour
Colour: Amber
Nose: Unripe green fruits and hints of rye. Paint chips. Raisins and hints of hay.
Taste: Fresh rye with hints of raspberries. Very oaky. Cherries with a punchy feel.
Finish: Oak and very young rye notes take over. Bit spicy and fruity but mostly just oak and rye.
Balance: Feels young, immature yet quite easy to drink. Not a powerful rye. The rye notes are there but unripe

Glina Rye DE Scoring

Distillery: Glina distillery Region: Werder, Havel, Germany
Hand shape in a German whisky bottle by Glina distillery

One of the coolest bottle shapes I’ve ever seen.

Artsy picture of hand holding German whisky bottle

I just couldn’t help it, had to take some artsy pictures of hand holding the bottle.

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