Iniquity Flustercluck - Australian Peated Single Malt Whisky
Iniquity Flustercluck Australian Peat
August 15, 2023
Glen Scotia Double Cask
Glen Scotia Double Cask
August 28, 2023

Iniquity Gold Batch 007 Single Malt

Iniquity Single Malt Whisky Gold Batch 007

Iniquity whisky comes from Tin Shed Distilling Company in Australia. I received these samples from the distillery:

At the moment they are thinking of expanding their market to Europe, so I felt very excited to taste their expressions. 

This one’s called Iniquity Gold Batch 007 and it’s a 5 year old single malt. Matured in a single 225 liter, American Oak Port cask that has been teaspooned with both, a Shiraz cask whisky and a peated cask whisky of the same age.

Very quick notes

For experienced drinkers for sure. I really fell in love with their peated Flustercluck but I can easily see some sweet sherried whisky drinkers falling for this one. 

Matured in:
Ex-Port American Oak cask
ABV: 56%
Non-chill filtered
Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Nice thick toffee with hints of warming spices start the show. Drops of water brings green apples and hints of mint.
Taste: Berries and grapes. Addition of water tones it down a bit. Orange peel and red oranges.
Finish: Acid yet thick stuff. Sprinkling sherry with nutmeg.
Balance: Big character, with lots of notes to offer. Make sure to add water and take your time with this one.

Gold Batch 7 Scoring

Distillery: Tin Shed Distilling Co. Region: Australia
Iniquity Gold Batch 007 Australian Single Malt Whisky
Photo by Tin Shed Distilling Co.

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