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Teerenpeli Julmajuho Savuporter review

Julma Juho Porter

Julmajuho (Cruel John in English) was a new addition to the Teerenpeli beer range in the fall 2015. In 2016 this smoke porter came into retail market in Finland, as part of the craft beer 2016 campaign by Alko (Finnis liquor store in monopoly position). Mildly smoky with porter type of roast and slight chocolate notes – interesting addition to Finnish beer scene. And coming from Teerenpeli, you can expect a craft beer.

Like Teerenpeli states:

“Julmetun hyvä olut! A darn good beer!”

Yeast: Ale
Malts: Smoked malt, Chocolate malt, Crystal 100, Barley flakes
Hops: American Nugget, English Fuggles
Bitterness: 40 IBU
Colour: Very dark
Nose: Hints of smoke right at the start. Quickly turns into sweet berry notes. Sugary porridge and fruity notes as well. Some roasted malt feel. 
Taste: Chocolate and malt. Quite sweet, not the porter I thought it would be. Not bad though, the taste gives more than the nose. Plenty of oil, caramel and tar, hints of smoke. Slightly bitter, roasted malt and syrup.


Teerenpeli has made a good smoke porter, even though the smoke is just a glimpse.

7 Sweet but powerful and dark character.

Brewery: Teerenpeli Brand: Julmajuho ABV: 7.7%

Julma Juho Smoke Porter by Teerenpeli from Finland

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