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May 18, 2019
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Millstone 100 Dutch Single Rye review

Millstone 100 Dutch Single Rye
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Tasting notes

In honor of World Whisky Day (18/5/2019) I’ll release a review of great rye whisky from the Netherlands. Millstone Single Rye 100 comes from Zuidam distillery. These Dutch experts have been producing whisky since 1996.

Millstone 100 Dutch Single Rye Whisky Review

Millstone 100 – not 23

Like Jim Carrey’s character in that movie “The Number 23”, makers of Millstone are obsessed with one number. With this rye whisky it’s the number 100.

The whisky in question has been made using 100% rye grain with 100% small pot still distillation.

Matured for 100 months in 100% new American oak barrels and bottled at 100° Proof (50% ABV). 

So the statistics are very impressive – 8 year old rye whisky bottled with a nice alcohol per volume level.

And I must say, this rye tastes great! Reminds me of MGP ryes from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Similar fresh minty rye notes.

Tasting Notes

Mash bill:
100% rye
Colour: Dark amber
ABV: 50%
Nose: Fresh peppermint and fruity rye notes. Tangerines with a waxy or rubbery twist. Squirts of lemon. Drops of water give tenderness in the form of smooth and sweet citrus notes.
Taste: Lots of lemon notes with some oaky dryness and spices. Time and addition of water makes this dram even better. Adding smooth dry rye notes and sweet juicy oranges.
Finish: Warming spices and citrus fruits. Smooth but heavy rye notes with cinnamon. Drops of water adds more spices and even hints of salty licorice.
Balance: Great rye, in balance and has character. Nicely fruity and pleasant, yet the heavy rye influence is presented and stays smoothly on the background.


Distillery: Zuidam Distillers BV Region: Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands Brand: Millstone

Zuidam Distillers Millstone 100 Dutch Rye Whisky Review

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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