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Talisker Dark Storm review

Talisker Dark Storm

Whiskies created for travel retail market tend to have a bad reputation. Let’s face it, usually they are mediocre. Talisker Dark Storm is exception.

This intense creation from the distillery which creates heavy character whiskies, is (with today’s prices) a real bang for buck single malt. Especially because you’ll get it in typical travel retail sized 1 liter bottle.

Dark Storm has been matured in heavily charred oak casks, a method more typical with American whiskey maturation rather than Scotch. These casks give more smoke to that signature Talisker palate, which is already intense.

I couldn’t find more details about cask types being used. Talisker Storm (not the dark one) was aged in refill and toasted American oak casks, so my guess is that Dark Storm has American oak influence as well.

Johnny I hardly knew ye!

I absolutely love this dram. Probably gave it a too low overall score because it’s hard to take travel retail NAS (non-age statement) whiskies seriously. Elitist I know, but what can I say, I’ve had too many bad experiences with travel retail NAS.

Great release from the distillery on the Isle of Skye. Very powerful with smoke, intense aromas and taste. A character!

I can almost hear this whisky singing to me “Johnny I hardly knew ye”! With Storm Weather Shanty Choir voice, of course. Because of my prejudiced attitude towards its kind.

Matured in:
Heavily charred oak casks (Ex-Bourbon?)
ABV: 45.8%
Non-chill filtered, no added colour
Colour: Red amber
Nose: Peppery yet salty sea air. And slightly fruity. Phenolic peat is very strong. There’s something clinical in the aromas. Clean medicinal peat smoke with hints of burning fire. Drops of water gives notes of fruity and salty licorice candy.
Taste: Like Talisker 10yo on steroids. Seafood and peppers with a small fruity twist. Drops of water tones things down a bit. Makes it slightly bitter and more peppery.
Finish: Lingering peppers and smoke. Aftertaste is not rich but powerful and long. Burning but smooth berries come very late in the aftertaste. Addition of water makes the finish dry and herbal, with hints of smoke still attached.
Balance: Steady and powerful dram. In great balance, each step offers strong character which is easily enjoyable.


Distillery: Talisker Region: Isle of Skye

Talisker Dark Storm Single Malt Whisky Review

Talisker's Dark Storm Whisky Matured In Charred Oaks

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