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Hvenus Rye Whisky by Spirit of Hven

Hvenus Rye Whisky

This one I just had to have the first time my eyes set on it. Swedish rye whisky! As a fan of rye whiskies, and an admirer of Swedish distilleries, it surely was a concept I just had to get a chance to try.

Spirit of Hven’s unique bottle design also helps fulfilling your shopping needs. They’ve continued their astrological theme with their rye expression, naming it playfully after Venus.

Every batch of Hvenus has been blended together using 42 American oak casks, created by Master Distiller Henric Molin. After blending all those casks together, Hvenus consists of four different recipes. When combined together, the final grain recipe is made out of 78,6% rye, 11,9% wheat, 4,8% corn and 4,8% barley.

Spirit of Hven Hvenus Rye Whisky Review

Smooth rye whisky from Sweden

Rye whisky flavors can be very strong, even harsh. Being a powerful grain, rye usually offers big character, a character that might split opinions. That’s why I like rye whiskies very much.

This Swedish rye offers an elegant way of enjoying the backbone of Nordic harsh grain. “Velvet smooth, yet powerful and flavorsome”, like folks at Spirit of Hven suggests, and I agree with them.

Check out Hvenus Rye whisky’s old product sheet by Spirit of Hven distillery.

Matured in:
American oak casks
Matured in:
78.6% rye, 11.9% wheat, 4.8% corn and 4.8% barley
Colour: Dark amber
ABV: 45.6%
Nose: Smooth vanilla notes start the show. Earthy with grassy notes and mint on the side. Fresh menthol and peppery twist offer typical rye whisky kind of notes.
Taste: Smooth and strong vanilla with floral notes on the back. Evolves into a mix of sweet toffee and slightly bitter berries. Even hints of dark chocolate are presented.
Finish: Quite smooth for a rye whisky, offering sweet mint. And hints of spicy rye of course.
Balance: Mellow yet strong, Jekyll and Hyde of rye whiskies. Odd but very likable expression in its category.


Did you know?
They have a full set of hotel, conference and restaurant activity at Backafallsbyn, which is located between Denmark and Sweden. I can imagine it being a nice place to visit. Having been to Southern Sweden and Denmark, both being beautiful parts with nice beaches and seaside activities, I’d like to visit this distillery at some point.
Distillery: Backafallsbyn Brand: Spirit of Hven Region: Hven, Sweden
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