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March 24, 2016
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June 4, 2016

The Wheat Is Out There review

The Wheat Is Out There – American Wheat beer type from Finland
The Wheat Is Out There American style Wheat beer

Label of the beer by Radbrew

Radbrew is a small craft beer brewery in Finland. They recently opened their own pub in the city of Turku and the brewery is located in Kaarina (near Turku). The pub itself is a place worth visiting with gas masks and post-apocalyptic scenery all over the place. And their beer, well, there’s another reason to visit their place. They make great craft beer.

Like this American Wheat type beer, called The Wheat Is Out There. That’s right, they also name their beers just as good as they make them. If you’re ever in Turku – visit Radbar, it’s a must see place. You can find pictures from the pub below this review.

You’ll find more pictures on their Facebook page

Check out Radbar’s location from Google Maps

Radbrew says this about The Wheat Is Out There:

Synopsis: First in our most experimental branch of beers (Unknown Fermentation Objective). A well hopped funky wheat beer.

Beer type: American Wheat
Yeast: WB-06
Malts: Pale Ale, Wheat
Hops: Eldorado, Columbus, Hersbrucker, Wakatu
Bitterness: 20 IBU
Colour: Golden yellow
Nose: Bananas, hops, fresh citrus notes and grapefruit peel. Like a fresh spatter of juice from an orange.
Taste: Crispy citrus fruits and wheat. Very refreshing and fruity, strong character. Fresh strong grapefruit in the slightly hoppy aftertaste.


Probably the best wheat beer I’ve ever experienced – amazing stuff.

10 Refreshing and strong character.

Brewery: Radbrew Region: Kaarina, Finland (in Turku region) ABV: 5.1%

Photos from Radbar:






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